Teachers’ Perception about Authentic Materials and Their Implementation in the Classroom

  • Khoirul Anam
  • Ahmad Munir
  • Syafiul Anam
Keywords: teachers’ perception, authentic materials, implementation


Authentic materials are one of common materials in teaching English. Most of teacher usually use them to be implemented into their classroom. One of the reasons of the teachers they use it in the classroom is in order to give the students example of the real use of English in social life. Other than authentic materials, the teachers also usually use textbook. It is because textbook gives much easier for the teachers to use it in the classroom and also for the students to studied at home. In implementing the authentic materials is not as easy as using textbook. The teachers need to be creative to select and modify the authentic materials to be able to be implemented. It is because the authentic materials are not produced for pedagogical purposes. So, in this study, the objectives of the researcher are to seek about the perception of using authentic materials in the classroom, the reasons of the  teachers  about  the  perception,  and  also  the  way  of  the  teachers  when implementing the authentic materials in the classroom. Regarding the objectives above, the qualitative research is appropriate to be conducted in this study. It is in order to get the deep data from the research subject. To get the data, this study uses interview and observation. By the interview, it gets the  answer  of  all  the  research  questions.  And  by  the  observation,  it  gets  the supporting  data  from  the  interview.  For  data  analysis,  this  study  uses  Dornyei theory to analyze the data. It is started from transcribing the data, coding, growing ideas, interpreting the data, and drawing conclusion. The  result  of  the  research  found  that  most  of  the  teachers  give  positive response  about  using  authentic  materials  in  their  teaching.  They  perceive  that authentic materials are very important to be implemented in the classroom. The teachers also enjoy during the implementation of the authentic materials. They also perceive that authentic materials are very easy to get. And, the last perception is some of the authentic materials are very difficult for the students. For the conclusions, most of teachers are agree about the use of authentic materials for teaching English. Beyond the importance of the authentic materials the teachers only use several authentic materials that provide entertaining to the students like song and movies. The teachers rarely used kinds of authentic materials that contains text like newspaper, magazine and article in order to the difficulties of the words used in the text. Most of the teachers use kinds of authentic materials just to be supplementary materials other than using textbook materials.

Keywords: teachers’ perception, authentic materials, implementation


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